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Bi The Way

Produced, Directed, Written & Edited by Sayrie

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Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1- "The Kiss"

Things get steamy during a 'truth or dare' game between roommates Ada and Eve!

Episode 2- "The Aftermath"

Ada and Eve are left to deal with the aftermath of making out after a 'Truth or Dare' game goes wrong!


Episode 3- "Stuck In the Closet"

Still figuring out her desires for men and women, Ada feels 'Stuck In The Closet' in this musical rendition.

Episode 4- "Bisexual Anonymous"

Nicki somehow talks Ada and Eve into going to a bisexual anonymous meeting to work out their sexual kinks.


Episode 5- "Online Dating"

Eve convinces Ada to go on her first lesbian date that turns out to be a huge colossal MESS!

Episode 6- "Religion"

To be or not to be religious! Ada breaks down the good book during a sermon from her father.

Episode 7- "Coming Out"

Ada goes back and forth with her inner consciousness before 'coming out' to her father the reverend.

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